About my Winston Churchill trip

imageMy 6 week research trip to Canada and the States will see me looking into what makes urban communities resilient and how the UK can learn from the approaches taken in Canada and the States.

In July and August 2013 I will be spending time in or near New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto speaking to emergency managers, government officials, community leaders and individuals about what they are doing to get people more proactively able to help themselves in emergencies.

I want to improve resilience in heavily populated urban environments like London where people have become very dependent on responders and are often not able to help themselves in emergencies. I want to find out from similar urban communities in other countries how they have engaged successfully to become more resilient, because currently community resilience projects in the UK tend to focus on rural environments or risk specific locations, rather than relatively resource-rich engagement-poor urban areas.

I am keen to meet anyone involved in community resilience activities in or close to any of the cities I am travelling to- please do make contact.


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